About JDK

We design, manufacture and deliver solutions for our customers in the field of refrigeration technology. We are in close contact with leading manufacturers of key components of the cooling circuits. We carefully monitor developments and new trends in the field of refrigeration. We always prefer environmentally friendly technology solutions.

Our Strategy
  • Deliver high quality solutions to our customers for reasonable price
  • Apply new technology in products and production
  • Provide professional service and support for the whole life cycle of JDK devices
  • Keep an ongoing interest in the needs and customer satisfaction

... expect much more

Added Value

Thanks to our strong design engineering background and ability to apply advanced technology we are a source of added value for our customers. With standard JDK products we offer reliable solutions proven in practice.

With JDK cooling technology you are getting a guarantee of functionality for the whole product life cycle time. Professionally trained JDK service personnel and/or selected commercial service partners look after the product in the field.

Our Products and Solutions
  • Standard condensing unit and compact condensing units for A/C split type
  • Cooling kit technology for refrigerated warehouses, food and agriculture - kit includes condensing unit, evaporator, control box, expansion valve and solenoid valve
  • Compressor packs and racks for supermarkets and HVAC systems
  • Cooling for dairies, breweries and food processing
  • Cooling for industrial use (chemical plants, plastics production, pharmaceuticals production, precision air conditioning, drying units etc. ...)
  • Ice-rink cooling technology (skating-rinks and hockey rinks)
  • Industrial heat pumps
  • Cooling technology for fast freezing
  • Cooling for test rooms and boxes with a large temperature range for R&D

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