WDE-S1K Series Compact Chillers

WDE-S1K series are Compact JDK chillers. Advanced and reliable liquid cooling with integrated accumulator and pump.


JDK Chillers Applications:

  • Cooling in the plastic manufacturing industry
  • Cooling of galvanic baths
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Production of spirits, wines and carbonated beverages
  • Brewery cooling
  • The cooling source for air-conditioning unit
  • Chemical industry - laboratories, manufacturing processes
  • Cooling of cutting and welding lasers
  • Cooling of presses and welding machines
  • Cooling of printing machines
  • Cooling of air compressors
  • Cooling for research laboratories


The JDK chiller unit is an ideal replacement for flow cooling by drinking or service water. WDE-S1K units are easy to install and simple to use.