Beer production technology requires cooling. JDK is a manufacturer and supplier of suitable cooling technology used in beer production.

What is cooling?

In beer production, ice water is usually used to cool the brewed beer (wort). During the subsequent fermentation, the cooled wort is maintained by indirect cooling with the antifreeze at the desired temperature. After fermentation, the beer is poured into containers and allowed to lie in a refrigerated room at a constant temperature of about +2°C.

Furthermore, the fermentation areas are cooled to a temperature of approx. +10… +12°C. And there are cooled also storage areas with cask beer.

JDK breweries cooling solutions include
  • Glycol cooling unit with circulation pump and temperature control
  • Built-in ice water module with control
  • Ceiling Glycol Coolers for Splicing, Lager Cellar, Barrel Storage, etc.
  • Glycol distributions and control fittings and valves


The cooling unit is in a design with separate condenser for placement in the machinery room. The unit cools the antifreeze glycol mixture to the required temperature of approx. -5°C. The operation is fully automatic, controlled by the thermostat according to the outlet temperature of the cooled liquid. The ice water module supplies chilled water at a temperature of approx. +2°C.

Product documentation
Compact Chillers WDE Series - lefleats (PR120, 203kB)
Chillers WTE Series - lefleats (PR110, 120kB)