Compact Units

JDK packed condensing units effectively meet demanding requirements for low noise levels and esthetic appearance. They serve as a cooling sources for commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning split units.

The units are suitable wherever where there is only limited free space.


Product Design

The unit housing provides perfect protection against rain. The conservative external appearance of the unit allows to be used for different aesthetic demands. The unit component arrangement is optimized to maximize utilization of condenser surface without unnecessary obstacles in the way of airflow. The cooling circuit is designed to be maximally hermetic, most joints are brazed. The JDK packed unit has an integrated electrical control box with pre-wired electrical components.

Tips for you  Tip
  • Easy unit installation and hook-up to electrical power, for more see here
  • Reduction of refrigerant charge can be achieved with JDK compact units
  • Low noise level can be achieved with compact units
  • Color  of unit can be ordered in different RAL shades
Delivery Scope

The unit in its basic configuration includes compressor oil heating and stepless fan speed control. The cooling circuit is equipped with HP/LP pressure switches. All electrical power, protection and control components are pre-wired to the integrated electrical box. The unit is equipped with an easily accessible main power switch. Any fault of the unit can be remotely monitored.

Optional Accessories
  • Built-in filterdryer and sight glass
  • Protection grill for condenser fins
  • Built-in liquid solenoid valve (for freezing applications only)
  • Protective relay monitoring the correct phase sequence
  • Protection against unit cycling
  • Different painting of housing according to RAL scale shades
  • Installation kit (wall mounting kit, antivibration mounts…)
  • Remote CPC control box with electronic thermostat without or with defrost algorithm
Installation and Operation

The unit location must ensure free airflow through the condenser and access for service and maintenance. It is important to pay attention to proper piping layout a specially with attention to continuous and reliable oil return. Remember for proper suction line insulation – energy consumption will be reduced and unit life time extended. Before commissioning must be performed and documented unit operational test according EN378-2. We will be pleased to arrange professional installation and unit service for you.

Unit Selection

For proper condensing unit selection you need to know: required cooling capacity, the evaporating temperature and the ambient temperature. The evaporating temperature is usually about (5) 7 to 10 K lower than the cooled room temperature – the value depends on the application and the type of evaporator. For more details see related JDK product documentation below. Do not hesitate to contact us for help with units selection.

For more JDK product documentation please see here.

Dokumenty ke stažení
Compact Condensing Units Series C - catalog (CT003, 984kB)
Low Temperature Condensing Units CL-EVI (PR003, 773kB)