Software Bilance

JDK simulation software Bilance can help you to calculate of heat gain cooled rooms.

Software was originally developed by JDK company for its own internal use. Now is available for our customers upon request for free download.

Bilance Software Description

Calculation software is helping to determinate required cooling capacity and storage temperatures of different kinds of goods for specific operating conditions.

For the calculation it is necessary to input:

  • Cooling room dimensions, thickness and type of insulation, ambient temperature
  • Kind of goods – software is offering 77 predefined items with its recommended storing conditions (next items can be defined by user)
  • Storing conditions (room temperature, relative humidity) if not entered, software will use predefined. In software database are also available freezing points and recommended storing periods for concerned goods
  • Entry temperature of goods
  • Type of goods storing (long-term storage, chilling or freezing in given time)
  • Evaporator fan(s) power input and defrost power input
  • Duration and count of defrost cycles per 24hours
  • Other wasted power from machines, lights, working persons, etc...

Example of dialogue window the Bilance software:

Bilance vstupy


In case of your interest about free of charge usage of this software please click here for registration. Upon registration you will receive an access code for download.